Skills Classes
Introduction to Water Polo
Water polo skills classes meet twice per week for 1 hour at Fullerton College. In these water polo classes participants will be introduced to the exciting and fast-paced game of water polo. Participants will learn ball handling, passing, shooting, player positions, as well as several types of treading and head-up swimming for maximum agility in the game.  Participants must be comfortable swimming in deep water for extended periods.

Beginning Water Polo

Beginning athletes are still learning the motor mechanics of water polo. The class is designed for those who still struggle with egg beater, fundamentals such as how to throw and catch the ball, and the head-up swim stroke. Many of these skills will be constantly reinforced in Advanced but in Beginning we will strive to master these abilities in most practices.

Advanced Water Polo

Advanced athletes have a good understanding of the above-mentioned skills: egg beater, catching and throwing mechanics, and head-up swimming. The focus of this class will be technique and strategy. The group with ample volume will also be traveling and hosting matches against local clubs. Once we have a strong showing at the local level we will move into the national scene (10U, 12U, 14U format).
To register, children must be able to swim 50 yards of unassisted Freestyle and Backstroke. Registration forms are available here or in-person at either of our facilities. Any questions can be directed to Coach Michael Varela at or (714) 773-1302.