Swim Team

Fullerton Registration: Winter tryouts will be held at the Janet Evans Swim Complex on Wednesday, November 15th. Please contact Coach Lauren Morford:

Yorba Linda Registration: Registration at the Yorba Linda location is rolling. To schedule a tryout please contact Coach Nancy Thomas:

The FAST Swim Team is a nationally-recognized competitive swimming program. Our team provides a variety of excellent year-round programs that meet the developmental needs for swimmers of all ability levels. Swim team athletes practice regularly in designated team groups based upon age and experience.

        Age Group Development: 12 & Under
Junior Development: 11 - 14
Senior Development: 13 & Up
National Development: Open / Sectional times required

Daily training and instruction is available at the Janet Evans Swim Complex in Fullerton and Yorba Linda High School in Yorba Linda. Swimmers compete locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, as appropriate.

Our team philosophy is to pursue excellence at every level. We aim to be successful in every arena in which we compete, from novice swimmers to Olympians. Our program is designed to allow all members to pursue personal excellence. The following ideas guide our program.

  • Athletes First: A person who works out but does not compete is an exerciser, not an athlete.  While this perspective may be fine for adults, at FAST we believe that competition is vital to the personal growth of the youth who join our team. Our organization has been set up with the primary purpose of developing athletes and to provide for the needs of our athletes first.
  • Attendance x Effort = Success: While achieving success is not easy, the formula for pursuing it is simple. At FAST we stress this equation to our team members with the knowledge that it will teach them how to succeed in other areas of their life as well.
  • Swimmers Swim, Coaches Coach, Parents Parent: Everyone has a role on the team and it is important that we not confuse our roles and thereby undermine the success of the FAST program and its individuals. Respect for the boundaries associated with these roles is essential in creating a positive, successful atmosphere.